A visual artist, I have been passionate about photography since childhood. Informed by the photos of my deceased relatives, I understood the value and the power of a photograph and began taking photographs of my own family.  Next, I included my friends as subjects and gradually turned the camera to people I did not know. 

Other than two basic black and white photography courses I took 35 years ago, and occasional workshops taken more recently, I am self-taught in photography. Although I worked briefly as a successful freelance photographer, as I advanced in my career in social services, photography took a back seat.  Over the past 4 years photography has again become a primary interest.

My photography reflects my interest in people, the narratives of their lives, and the environments that shape them.  I have found that photography has taken me further than my eyes can see and sometimes in unexpected directions. I have added a digital SLR camera to my equipment and now include color photography in my repertoire.